I have been painting for about nine years. Self taught and still learning. Prior to this, I attended Essex University as a mature student, graduating in 1983 with an honours degree in Art History & Theory. That wonderful time at Essex University gave me the opportunity to learn something about ‘the story of art’.

Now living in Devon, I find myself surrounded by the places that inspire my paintings. The varied coastline, and moors are never too far away. My present style of painting hovers between the figurative and the abstract. I particularly enjoy painting abstracts, and I hope my work does move towards a purer form of abstraction – a lessening of the tension between the figurative and the abstract. Whatever form of abstraction is painted, I believe it allows the painter to bring more of himself or herself into the painting.  As abstract art becomes purer it can achieve a level of subjective universality;  possibly widening your audience because no specific place, subject matter, or language is being represented.

Please feel free to contact me on my email address: paulgoughart2@gmail.com